Stell & Irene Limnios – Marketing Campaign of the Year 

(Category – $10,000 Marketing Campaign and under)

Think about all of the advertising you have seen in the past for marketing in real estate. Do TV, billboards and flyers in your mail come to mind? Stell and Irene took a much more unique approach!

Their marketing plan to sell was focused predominantly on digital media, in particular social media, electronic mail outs with a small amount of traditional advertising in the form of press releases to local news channels.  These were the only means they used to promote the project.

“We had a great product to work with, priced well in a highly in demand area, however this unique campaign allowed the sales messages to be highly targeted. This means we were only talking to people who would want to buy!” Stell Limnios explained.

In the first 10 days of the campaign over 40% of the apartments advertised had been sold! A phenomenal result!

Rob Stefanovski – WA Agent of the Year

We asked Rob directly about his success, and what it takes to be the WA Agent of Year!

The keys things you must have are no different to those required to succeed in any field whether it be business, sport or personal.

Firstly you must have a drive and passion for what you are doing. This will set you apart and keep you moving forward. Even when times a tough, you will need to pick yourself up and keep moving.

Constant training and improvement is also imperative. Its something I have done form the day I started in Real Estate. If there was a speaker or a conference that I could attend to learn something from, I was there – even if I had to travel to the east coast.

We have been quite fortunate to be a part of the Real Estate Results Network, which gives us access to some of the best systems and strategies from some of the best Agents in the country. Of course, implementing what you learn is also crucial; otherwise it’s just useful information.

I’m also quite fortunate to work with Fowzia Cajee who has been my executive assistant for over 5 years. She helps me leverage my time so that I can get on with the core duties of my business, which is listing and selling real estate whilst at the same time ensuring that our clients receive an outstanding customer service experience.

I’ve worked really hard over the last 12 years to learn, grow and create outstanding systems in my business which now sees over 80% of my business come from repeat and referral, however I still have to work hard for the other 20%, just like everyone else!

We are extremely proud of our winners at the Real Estate Results Network Awards in 2016.  They are just a few of the overall team of high achievers dedicated to success and a genuine love of property.

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