Monday, February 20th saw the 11th Annual ARERA’s recognise our highest achieving Network Principals, Agents, Property Managers and Support Teams at the ICC in Sydney.

This year’s ARERAs were amongst the best submissions and the most contested we’ve ever seen. The year on year results, the amazing achievements from across the Network, the dedication from Members to strive to greatness in the marketplace – this is what the Network is all about!

We celebrated in Roaring 20’s style and the sense of community and union and support for all Members was amazing to see.

Not only are our 2017 ARERA Winners high performers in the Network – they are amongst the best real estate professionals and agencies in Australasia, consistently outperforming other groups and franchises.

Thank you so much to all the Members who journeyed to Sydney and celebrated with us – here’s to a big 2017.

For a full list of winners, click here.

If you are an ARERA Finalist or Winner, learn how to capitalise on your win here.

To see a selection of shots from the night, click here to view the ARERA’s Galleries.