About ARERA’s

What does ARERA stand for?

ARERA stands for Australasian Real Estate Results Awards. This year is the 15th Annual ARERA’s – it is Real Estate Results Network’s Night of Nights!

What is the 2022 ARERA’s theme?

The theme for ARERA’s 2022 is “Brighten Up Your Life!”.

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Nomination Submissions

When do nominations open?

Nominations open Monday, 29h November 2021.

When do nominations close?

Nominations close Friday, 10th December 2021.

Who can nominate?

Any RER Network Member can nominate themself for an ARERA. A Principal or Office Manager must sign off all Individual Award nominations to ensure the details provided are current and accurate. Only a Principal, Office Manager or authorised Team Member can submit for Agency Awards.

Can I nominate someone else for an award?

Yes you can nominate another RER Network Team Member from your own Agency. If you do not wish to get authorisation from your Agency Principal or Office Manager please contact Kirsten Rosenberg at kirstenr@rernetwork.com.au or 0416 856 166.

How do I nominate?

Individuals and Agencies will be vying for the top spot in each category, giving recognition to the Network’s top performers over the past 12 months. Participating in the ARERA’s will allow you and your team to reflect on the most outstanding qualities, greatest successes and the most creative initiatives. To nominate please choose the best category that suits your own performance criteria.

Nominate Now

Is tax included in the nomination figures?

Yes, all figures should be inclusive of GST.

What happens if I miss the cut-off for nominations?

There will be no extension for late submissions. If you fail to submit crucial information or have made a mistake please contact Kirsten Rosenberg at kirstenr@rernetwork.com.au or 0416 856 16. We may contact you once your nomination has been submitted if we feel you need to provide further information.

Marketing & PR

When do I get my Finalist Logo?

You will receive your Finalist logo within 1 week of the ARERA’s Finalist announcement being made.

When do I get my Winner Logo?

You will receive your Winner’s logo and full Winner’s Kit within 2 working days of the ARERA’s night.

What is included in a Winner’s Kit?

Each award category winner will receive:

  • A trophy or plaque and a certificate for your outstanding achievements
  • A media release to use in marketing material
  • A mention on the RER website
  • An award winner logo (x 3 including email banner, social media and print press formats)
Can I use the photos for my personal marketing?

Yes! We encourage you to create as much press for yourself around ARERA’s as possible. Click here to view how to maximise winning an ARERA.

How do I incorporate the logo into my signature?

For a small fee, we can get our designers to create an image for your signature that includes your agency logo and your award logo/s.